A line of mass-produced scooters

One of the most significant drawbacks of artificial intelligence technologies, no matter how advanced and complex they become, is that they will always remain a tool within the mass production framework. This means that if you are a client intending to use a voice synthesis platform, regardless of the precision and professionalism of the result, what you have will be the same as what others have.

This implies that the segment that AI will struggle to penetrate in the voiceover industry is the segment of clients seeking a unique personality for their product, application, or service – clients who want to create a distinct identity.

How a mass produced lot of Santa Clause shaped chocolate looks like on shelf

And this is the inevitable price that clients must pay for reducing production costs. The randomness, inconsistency, and wide variation in human nature and cultures present an unsolvable dilemma for intelligent production methods.

When Henry Ford implemented the idea of specialized production lines and introduced the Model T Ford, the first car manufactured under the theory of mass production, it enabled the production of over 15 million cars in twenty years, offering one of the most reliable and affordable cars in the history of the automotive industry. However, considering all this success, you (dear client) must realize that those 15 million drivers were all driving the same car, with the same specifications, shape, and capacity, back in the 1920s! Now, think about what that might mean for you if you replace the car (the product) with a voiceover (creative content) speaking about your project.

Hence, a voiceover artist, director and producer as well as any other creative content creator must realize the market segment that will remain a “blue ocean” for them confronting the rapid raid of Artificial Intelligence technologies and and its synthetic content, they should also know where exactly is the back door they MUST seal.

You have to keep yourself unique, and your creative content unmatched. What you provide should always hold your fingerprints, should reflect something different and new, something that would never come out as different and as dazzling from a content synthesis tool.




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