Voice Arts Awards Nomination
Nominated for 5 Voice Arts Awards in 2022
Nominated for 5 Voice Arts Awards in 2022

It was an outstanding year for Arabic voiceover artists, with 5 new categories to participate through with outstanding voiceover and dubbing performances.

THE ARAIBC VOICE had it’s first experience as a new entrant in the 5 Arabic categories, and fortunately had harvested 5 nominations, 4 nominations went to Ahmed AlQotb as a voiceover actor, and 1 to Mohammed Sameh as and Actor and Ahmed AlQotb as Acting Director

  • OUTSTANDING – COMMERCIAL/PROMO – BEST ARABIC VOICEOVER / الإعلان الترويجي المتميز (التشويقة) أفضل معلق صوتي عربيDC League of Super Pets – Cartoon Network
  • OUTSTANDING COMMERCIAL – TV OR STREAMING, BEST ARABIC VOICEOVER/فئة الإعلان المصور المتميز – عبر التلفزيون أو الإنترنت أفضل معلق صوتي عربي: Qatar Airways World Cup Campaign
  • OUTSTANDING AUDIOBOOK NARRATION – BEST ARABIC VOICEOVER / الكتاب الصوتي المتميز أفضل معلق صوتي عربي
  • OUTSTANDING COMMERCIAL DEMO – BEST ARABIC VOICEOVER / نموذج الأداء المتميز (ديمو) – أفضل معلق صوتي عربي
  • OUTSTANDING NARRATION – TV OR STREAMING – BEST ARABIC VOICEOVER / الراوي المتميز – في التلفزيون أو السينما أو الانترنت – أفضل تعليق صوتي عربي Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Al Araby TV report on The Voice Arts Awards and Arabic voiceover artists’ achievements

And yes, the year has ended up with Ahmed AlQotb of THE ARABIC VOICE returning back home with the Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Audiobook Narration – Best Arabic voiceover, as the first Arab voiceover actor to receive this globally esteemed award for Audiobook Narration in Arabic language.

Hearing nominated voices narrating, performing and acting in classical Arabic language on the stage of Warner Bro’s theatre in Olive avenue, was the real historical move of Arabs in this special edition of SOVAS Voice Arts Awards.




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