We, at THE ARABIC VOICE™, are dedicated to the promise of being a cultural gateway to 300 million Arabic speakers, and the bridge to a deeply-rooted civilization in the middle of the modern world. We aim at delivering your word through hand-picked native professional voices that keep your message consistent with local cultural and linguistic themes of the Middle East and North Africa. Guided by your brand essence and persona, we help you create a unique signature for your business. THE ARABIC VOICE™ “Your voice, in Arabic”.


  • THE ARABIC VOICE™ aims to be the world’s anchor of voice-over, dubbing and subtitling services in Modern Standard Arabic and local Arabic dialects
  • An integral part of our vision is to become a unique, exclusive and reliable hub for professional localization into Arabic and Middle Eastern culture


  • Setting new standards in Arabic voice-over and dubbing industry.
  • Providing high-end professional voice-over services in global/standard Arabic and local Arabic dialects.
  • Establishing a regional network of native qualified voice actors and acting as the world’s hub for voice casting in the Arabic language and local dialects.
  • Providing true and unique cultural localization represented in voice and dubbing productions for global brands, institutions, and governments.
  • Keeping the promise of being our clients’ cultural gateway to the Arab world and the Arabic-speaking markets.


Throughout the next 3 years, we aim to:

  • Reinforce our brand positioning in the market as “ The world-leading voice-over and dubbing provider in Arabic”.
  • Grow our market reach in the USA and China, achieving a total business volume growth of 200%.
  • Expanding THE ARABIC VOICE, Inc. to Europe by establishing a new headquarters on European soil.
  • Getting THE ARABIC VOICE recognized as “the leading localization hub with a global talent-base” for Arabic voice actors and voice seekers.



We understand that wide cultural diversity enriches cross-cultural interactivity as well as inter-markets professional experience. Thus, we always respect and celebrate your difference and tailor our services to be your best choice to get understood, believed and demanded in Middle Eastern societies.


Not only that we are committed to our clients’ satisfaction, but also our voice actors. We have a high sense of responsibility towards developing our voice over actors’ performance, linguistic skills, and commitment to their schedules at the utmost level of quality.


We deliver your message with integrity, we investigate accuracy with each localized word and record each phrase with precision.


We are committed to excellence witnessed in every task we handle, each recording session we conduct, dealing with our customers, employees, and audience.


We are positive; we rise to every challenge with energy and enthusiasm.


    • Scriptwriting
    • English/Arabic Transcription
    • Content optimization 
    • Preparing scripts for different usage and production purposes (IVR, Commercial, subtitles, jingles, etc.)
    • Translation (English-Arabic, French-Arabic, German-Arabic)
    • Proofreading (Optimizing translation, Syntax optimization, Optimizing for narration, Vocalization) 
    • Script time-coding for synchronized recordings.
    • Subtitling: Off-screen (Creating and embedding time-coded SRT files) Inline subtitling (adding English and localized subtitles directly to the video scenes)

    • Professional Voice-over Recording (Narration, Character impersonation, Role acting, Audio Instructions, Voice Prompts)
    • Dubbing
    • Editing and Mastering 
    • Time-synchronization 
    • Splitting and archiving 
    • Sound design and mixing (Sound FX, Music Composition, Ready-made music tracks)
    • Linguistic review of pre-recorded Arabic tracks

    • Localizing, add subtitles/dubbing and reproducing videos in Arabic
    • Video editing for time-synchronization 
    • Audio-Visual localization of motion graphics videos
    • Producing Arabic motion graphics videos
    • Filming new videos in Middle Eastern locations using local cast

Voice Players

In front of each Microphone, THE ARABIC VOICE™ uniquely offers a prominent diversity of hand-picked native male, female and child voices. Each has outstanding voice acting skills along with powerful linguistic capabilities.

Behind the Microphones, a brilliant team of sound engineers and audio-visual producers along with expert artistic directors drive the voice through the shortest way to reach your target audience with realistic, professional and unique voice-print.
Off recording booths there is our Content Development Bureau; a squad of creative writers, translators, and linguistic experts responsible for delivering localized and optimized content with a high sense of professionalism with ultimate cultural adaptability and creativity.

Our History

THE ARABIC VOICE™ has been operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt since 2010; delivering slightly more than 1500 voice recording and localization projects in partnership with more than 250 partners and direct customers around the world.

In 2016, THE ARABIC VOICE, Inc. was incorporated in the USA as a Delaware C. Corporate establishing its first US front office in San Francisco and moving its localization gateway to the doorstep of the US markets. Meanwhile, the main Voice Factory (located in the heart of the Middle East) has been revamped into a large-scale production house with two parallel recording studios, a considerably large team for content development, and extensive technical capabilities.  

By the beginning of 2017, our first front office in the GCC region has been established after launching our first localization project with GBM (Gulf Business Machines, an Arab equivalent of IBM) through our Content Development Bureau in Jeddah, KSA.

We can proudly say that THE ARABIC VOICE™ is now turning into a real cultural localization hub in the Middle East region, while still acting as an ultimate civilizational gateway over the Atlantic.

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