On hold prompts
April 5, 2020Voice Acting 690

Voice (Inter) Acting

The challenge behind voice acting for Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR) Ahmed AlQotb The core mission of any voice over artist, is not just to deliver a message, but rather to be as trustful and convincing to the extent that makes this message believable, yes.. actually, a professional voice actor’s role is to deliver you a message that …

Agatha Christie
March 30, 2020Voice Acting 2000

Ketaabi’s next: Agatha Christie

Christie’s detective short stories are coming to you, for the first time in Arabic, as a live audio-drama serial THE ARABIC VOICE™, Content Development Bureau https://youtu.be/xbAdXCHoW9s In the context of bringing out a rich precious heritage of literature masterpieces, Ketaabi project is coming up with an audio-drama serial of Agatha Ch …

Secret Garden
March 19, 2020Voice Acting 1170

The Secret Garden

An upcoming detective title, G. K. Chesterton’s short detective story: The Secret Garden THE ARABIC VOICE™, Content Development Bureau Ketaabi, audio book Youtube Channel, brought to you by THE ARABIC VOICE An outstanding short detective story written by G.K. Chesterton early 20th century, exposing the bourgeois social class in Paris am …

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