Secret Garden
March 19, 2020Voice Acting 1790

The Secret Garden

An upcoming detective title, G. K. Chesterton’s short detective story: The Secret Garden THE ARABIC VOICE™, Content Development Bureau Ketaabi, audio book Youtube Channel, brought to you by THE ARABIC VOICE An outstanding short detective story written by G.K. Chesterton early 20th century, exposing the bourgeois social class in Paris am …

Recipes of Good Deal
January 24, 2020Voiceover Business 892

Recipes of a Good Deal

On Payment terms and Collections Ahmed AlQotb  Today it’s no more enough to be a talented, highly-skilled voice actor.. as you have to be (at the same time) a good negotiator and smart salesperson. Perhaps those who are still working within local markets are not yet in need for these new skills as long as they are still depending on casting ag …

Voice Acting in AI Era
January 24, 2020Voiceover Business 690

Voice… over future Voice over industry in the AI Era

Ahmed AlQotb Early 20th century mechanization emerged in modern industries, machines entered factories, and electric power replaced human power. Regardless of the dramatic shift in quality and efficiency achieved by these machines in manufacturing, this evolution was a disaster for enormous number of professional craftsmen who lost their jobs. By the …

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