Mohammad Sameh
April 21, 2020Voiceover Business 5330

An Open Letter to Voiceover Artists

A Letter to all the new Aspiring fellow Voiceover Artists in the Middle East! Dear Colleagues, The voiceover business has been attracting talents lately in the Arab region like never before. People are excited, they want to discover, and the industry seems lucrative to many. They open the TV or radio, they listen to ads.. They open the TV or radio, the …

Ketaabi and Audiolaby
April 12, 2020Voice Acting 3990

Audiolaby Presents: Ketaabi

Ketaabi partners with in a new strategic move THE ARABIC VOICE Content Development Bureau Audiolaby, share knowledge It was a little step on the web, and a wide strategic foot print on the way of collaboration between Audiolaby in Tunisia and THE ARABIC VOICE™ studios in Cairo. In a generous initiative Marwan Ben Hafsia , one of t …

The Carpenter King
April 7, 2020Voice Acting 2070

Ketaabi: Peter the Great

The Carpenter King, a fairytale by Kamil Kilany Kamil Kilany 1897-1959 THE ARABIC VOICE™ Content Development Bureau Our Voice Actors team with our marvelous sound designer Abdel Ghaffaar are coming back to you on Prime Time this Thursday with a new classical fairytale, one of the finest artistic pieces written by Kamil Kilany back in early 20th …

Agatha Christie
March 30, 2020Voice Acting 3990

Ketaabi’s next: Agatha Christie

Christie’s detective short stories are coming to you, for the first time in Arabic, as a live audio-drama serial THE ARABIC VOICE™, Content Development Bureau In the context of bringing out a rich precious heritage of literature masterpieces, Ketaabi project is coming up with an audio-drama serial of Agatha Ch …

Arabic letters
March 28, 2020Arabic Language 1950

Noisy sounds in Arabic alphabet

Strange and matchless sounds of some Arabic alphabet letters Ahmed AlQotb One of Arabic languages unique characteristics is the phonetic range exposed by its alphabet, Arabic alphabet includes almost all sounds used in alphabetic system in modern world languages. Some of Arabic language’s very special letters, are those with strong special sound …

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