Arabic letters
March 28, 2020Arabic Language 1400

Noisy sounds in Arabic alphabet

Strange and matchless sounds of some Arabic alphabet letters Ahmed AlQotb One of Arabic languages unique characteristics is the phonetic range exposed by its alphabet, Arabic alphabet includes almost all sounds used in alphabetic system in modern world languages. Some of Arabic language’s very special letters, are those with strong special sound …

Arabic text
March 22, 2020Arabic Language 1051

Why “Arabic” is different

8 reasons, why Arabic language is different from any other modern-world languages Ahmed AlQotb Arabic language is one of modern-world most spreading and diverse languages, which reflects a rich cultural plateau in the very middle part of the world, here are 8 major reasons, why Arabic language is different, and special, and why Arabic voice over, is …

Voices at your Disposal
March 15, 2020Arabic Language 1270

Voices at your disposal !

THE ARABIC VOICE™, Content Development Bureau Today, we have decided to make a different move of its kind, our studios in Cairo headquarters is going to put all its resources at disposal to provide professional voiceover services in standard Arabic language, FREE of charge until March 31st to the following institutions: World Health Organizati …

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