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In these difficult times, staying home is vital, and making your home-time useful and fruitful is of essence, and here, comes the value of getting learned, acquiring more experience, polishing your skills, and gaining even more knowledge while making use of digital media, and available online materials.

To help our audience, clients, and partners achieve this, we decided to get back to one of our production tracks that we started back in Feb. 2016, exactly four years ago, an audio book channel on Youtube named: “Ketaabi” (MY BOOK) under the slogan: Listen for books.

The Bet, Anton Chechov, narrated by Ahmed AlQotb

In this Channel, we had a vision, as a non-profit project, we decided to work on royalty-free titles, like classical novels, tails, studies or biographies, either written by Arab authors, like Al Aqqad, Al Rafeiy, Al Manfalouty or translated works for other foreign authors, like Tolstoy, Checkov or Shakespeare, bringing this precious content to light, using our professional, highly skilled voices, and our top-notch linguists to provide a first-class audio publication, or classical masterpieces of Arabic and world literature.

In 2016, we have started with some titles for Abbas Al Aqqad, Abdul Rahman Al Kawakeby, and Abdul Wareth Assar, later on, Ketaabi provided its first short story: “The Death of a Government Clerk” by Chechov, narrated by Ahmed Alqotb, later in early 2017, we introduced our second short story: “The Bet” by Chechov, this time narrated, and character-acted by Ahmed, sound designed and directed by Mohammad Abdel Ghaffar, this story was a paradigm shift in the portfolio of Ketaabi project, as it gained 46,000 views, and collected more than 2,200 subscriptions to the channel.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, trailer, published on Ketaabi’s audio-book channel

In 2018, Ketaabi has provided another outstanding masterpiece, the historical novel of Harriet Beecher Stowe: “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” which had been acted and narrated by Ahmed AlQotb, directed and sound-designed by Abdel Ghaffar, this audio-novel was an exclusive production to ArabCast (مكتبة المنارة) online audio-book library, oriented to readers who have special needs, a short trailer was published on the Youtube channel in May 2018.

And today, amid the current pandemic circumstances, our team is planning to pay an intensive effort pushing this channel ahead with even more titles, short stories and novels, which will come to you totally free, and accessible through Youtube, Soundcloud, and our website..

Stay tuned, and keep yourself and your families, safe.. and amused !

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Ahmed AlQotb

Arabic voice professional, Acting and Casting Director, Founder and Strategist of THE ARABIC VOICE, Inc., and El Hakawaaty educational hub, the voice of:

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Intercontinental Hotel Group internal training e-learning systems
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